Just fixed another vintage plotter. This time a beautiful Roland DXY-990. Quality is exceptional, especially if you compare it to what we had here at similar time
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Printing double Klain bottle with a vintage (1987) plotterXY3141 via DIY interface for 0 (under the brown PCB). Plotter, originally connected to is now connected to home WiFi. Dah, even the @eevblog DMM next to it has more processing power :)

Another confirmation that Airbnb is taking digital nomads into account more as @levelsio predicted.
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Verified Wifi:

Yes, finally... We’ve made it really easy for Hosts to verify their wifi speed. Now, when you book an Airbnb, you can be sure it has good wifi.

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Chytré a jednoduché rozšíření k-means algoritmu, které dá výsledek lepší a rychleji.

How you define wisdom? @naval Understanding the long-term consequences of your actions. -- Always keep this joke by Pavel Kantorek, it reads "When I passed here last time, funny little lion jumped at me from the bushes. So, I've kicked him..."

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