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Another excellent article from @fasterthanlime --

It take as "averaging" language. It pulls juniors up, while pushes more experienced devs down. Basically stay in line and you will be "fine".

On the other side -- it is easy to start with and get back to. I love but always feels like a full-time commitment :(

Have scored original Roland DXY-990 Operation Manual. So scanned it and put at for other fellow @paulrickards @renethomsen

Just fixed another vintage plotter. This time a beautiful Roland DXY-990. Quality is exceptional, especially if you compare it to what we had here at similar time
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Printing double Klain bottle with a vintage (1987) plotterXY3141 via DIY interface for 0 (under the brown PCB). Plotter, originally connected to is now connected to home WiFi. Dah, even the @eevblog DMM next to it has more processing power :)

Another confirmation that Airbnb is taking digital nomads into account more as @levelsio predicted.
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Verified Wifi:

Yes, finally... We’ve made it really easy for Hosts to verify their wifi speed. Now, when you book an Airbnb, you can be sure it has good wifi.

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Chytré a jednoduché rozšíření k-means algoritmu, které dá výsledek lepší a rychleji.

How you define wisdom? @naval Understanding the long-term consequences of your actions. -- Always keep this joke by Pavel Kantorek, it reads "When I passed here last time, funny little lion jumped at me from the bushes. So, I've kicked him..."

Impatience with actions, patience with results.

💯, Sill improving ;) thx @naval

Discovered and lost myself in the TLA+ rabbit-hole. Excellent resource is obviously THE Leslie Lamport's site:

Dostal jsem vakcinacni certifkat ♥, ale nechapu, proc jsou v overovaci QR kodu dalsi data mimo unikatni ID certifikatu. To znamena, ze v nahodnych access logach (aspon je to https) bude moje RC, cislo OP/pasu atd. @ZdravkoOnline ?

cc @michalillich @PetrSimecek @spazef0rze

I was not particularly looking for wasting 2h on transfer time today. Did I know that they were actually awesome thanks to a great podcast with @balajis

This is basically one of the ultimate productivity hacks (along with generic learn how to say "no"). Always worked great.

I am now trying to bring it into an existing team with a long history... we will see.
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Default to saying "no" to meetings.

1. Avoid meeting without a clear purpose

2. Say "yes" to meetings with people, "no" to meetings for info

3. Info meetings can almost always be asynchronous

4. We still need 1:1…

Awesome. I had to spin own proxy solution for that last year. Time to go NATS native again. Thank you!
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You can now connect to NATS server's Websocket port with the NATS Go client. Simply use the "ws://" scheme in the connection's URL.

Also option for naming the access key would be awesome :)

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Have not found a way how to tune the policies (e.g. having midnight GMT on every machine may not be what you want). Small tweak for the (excellent) doc -- the created channel will be "stable" not "master" as used for jobset uri and package name.

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Playing with (thx @grhmc for approval) found via @a_hoverbear . Really slick experience on the top of the Nix. Awesome to see BEAM support out of the box. Would be nice to have some ENV to turn on progress indicators instead of hanging for dep downloads.

Wooha JetStream is a big thing! Congrats @derekcollison
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Have you heard? Our maintainers and engineers have been hard at work and we are ready to shout from the rooftops! 📣

NATS 2.2 | The JetStream Release is here! 🎉

In addition to the long-awaited addition of JetStream, NATS 2.2 is bursting with new features.

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