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Also option for naming the access key would be awesome :)

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Have not found a way how to tune the policies (e.g. having midnight GMT on every machine may not be what you want). Small tweak for the (excellent) doc -- the created channel will be "stable" not "master" as used for jobset uri and package name.

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Playing with (thx @grhmc for approval) found via @a_hoverbear . Really slick experience on the top of the Nix. Awesome to see BEAM support out of the box. Would be nice to have some ENV to turn on progress indicators instead of hanging for dep downloads.

Wooha JetStream is a big thing! Congrats @derekcollison
RT @nats_io
Have you heard? Our maintainers and engineers have been hard at work and we are ready to shout from the rooftops! 📣

NATS 2.2 | The JetStream Release is here! 🎉

In addition to the long-awaited addition of JetStream, NATS 2.2 is bursting with new features.

Binge listening to @naval podcast on the sauna bench. One of the best places for this activity.

Obviously its nice to get your biases confirmed. But I like that there is almost always some extra but to keep you thinking about additional questions or possibilities.

Simple treasure chest for upcoming "exit game" for our kids. Take on classic Simon says game.

I've just realized that @Pex sponsors @ziglang . Niiice @synopsi !

New level of password complexity detection. If you are over (26 in my case) max suggested length you will receive a medium rating.


Enjoying An Elegant Puzzle by @Lethain as it provides confirmation for my biasses :) One tool, which is not mentioned in the book and I love to use is a written standup.

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There's been a ton of speculation of what Silicon Valley is going to look like after the pandemic when companies return to work. I've been interested in this for several years and I thought I'd add data to the conversation based on our founder surveys:

Printing double Klain bottle with a vintage (1987) plotterXY3141 via DIY interface for 0 (under the brown PCB). Plotter, originally connected to is now connected to home WiFi. Dah, even the @eevblog DMM next to it has more processing power :)

Wow @brave Version 1.19.77 Chromium: 87.0.4280.101 (Official Build) beta (64-bit) will happily connect to while firefox and chrome correctly handle preload and prevent connection.

:facepalm: the computer is 15y younger than the plotter, obviously ;)

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Finally got time to fix Czechoslovakian 1980s desktop plotter XY4131 from Laboratorni Pristroje Praha. It moves! Currently powered by about 15y older PC with LPT. Will probably rewire with to make it wireless.

FYI @michalillich @vpecinka some fresh independent performance data about @MayaData MayaStor
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Thank you @Chris_Mellor for pulling together info about @MayaData performance from @JakubPav @Volterra_ & thank you for the help Intel (@chrisjtobias & team). Ease of use of open-source Container Attached Storage plus performance. i.e. -> have 🎂, eat 🎂

I had this idea, that I will make COUPLE bridge pillars for their wooden railroad as a Christmas present. I guess I went a bit overboard....

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