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:facepalm: the computer is 15y younger than the plotter, obviously ;)

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Finally got time to fix Czechoslovakian 1980s desktop plotter XY4131 from Laboratorni Pristroje Praha. It moves! Currently powered by about 15y older PC with LPT. Will probably rewire with to make it wireless.

FYI @michalillich @vpecinka some fresh independent performance data about @MayaData MayaStor
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Thank you @Chris_Mellor for pulling together info about @MayaData performance from @JakubPav @Volterra_ & thank you for the help Intel (@chrisjtobias & team). Ease of use of open-source Container Attached Storage plus performance. i.e. -> have 🎂, eat 🎂

I had this idea, that I will make COUPLE bridge pillars for their wooden railroad as a Christmas present. I guess I went a bit overboard....

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Today @openebs Mayastor is the only CAS able to fully leverage this sort of 🤯 hardware. Learn from @richardelling - he *knows* storage hardware/software & explains the increasing localization of storage. More @MayaData news coming at

Converting SMD module to THT (like a proper through hole...). Also catered for the needed power rating in the process. :)

Wharton inspired Mini Clocks by SDG Electronics arrived in the mail from @JLCPCB. I just love esthetics of these clock. Just soldered ESP32 and off we go. I had to tweak the sw a bit, you can find it at

Tak to vypada, ze implementace GAEN uplne nezvladaji timing zmeny BDADD vs RPI a leakuje mapovani stare BDADD nad nove RPI. (dole, Little Thumb attack). Mno kdyby to bylo OSS, tak by si toho treba nekdo vsim driv. FYI @michalillich @PetrSimecek

Skvele udelane video o tom, jak funguji (technicky/bilogicky/chemicky) testy -- PCR vs LAMP. Automatizace testovani.
FYI @michalillich

Oho, is thinking about switching to register-based method calling.

Which is cool, I've spend non trivial time with over the weekend to decode parameters on method calls. Fortunately there is great

FYI @michalillich
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BREAKING: Great news.

SalivaDirect received approval this morning from the @US_FDA.

This could be one the first major game changers in fighting the pandemic. Rarely am I this enthusiastic. Here’s why.

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