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Hard to tell if I recorded this 30 years or 10 minutes ago...

One day build -- scanner using and sending data over bluetooth serial to mobile phone.

Very nice writeup from about use of compiler collection () to troubleshoot low-level performance issue (this time incorrect handling of network mask in ).

Today's DC2DC converters - 12V/18A and 5V/30A. Now it's time for 48V solar installation ;)

Došly papírové krabičky, tak doufám, že příjemce ocení improvizaci.

I ran out of the paper shipping boxes. Hope that the receivers are going to appreciate the improvised ones.

Brněnská hvězdárna připravila moc pěkný web vysvětlující proč dává smysl zachovat CET a ne letní čas (CEST).

Iceland has tested a higher proportion of its citizens for coronavirus than anywhere else in the world. Its found about half of those who tested positive are non-symptomatic

The multi-year, multi-person effort of adding symbols to is finally HERE & documented for posterity :)

If you are looking for a good resources on , you should check out by , who is even offering them for free till the end of the month.

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People infected with COVID-19 have more rapid respiration. This study can be utilized to distinguish various respiratory patterns and the device can be preliminarily put to practical use Xiao-Ping Zhang

To bring or not to bring an external CEO; excellent intense intro to by; structured logging with Elixir/Phoenix; keeping your latency under control; scaling ; and more.

Always test your parts! I have ordered 40pcs of NDP6020P from AliExpress. It's just general purpose P-channel MOSFET. I have received 30pcs from batch 9J08AR and 10pcs of 9S12AR. What a surprise - the first batch is actually N channel MOSFET! Than can easily ruin your day.

Začal jsem publikovat přehled zajímavých zdrojů, na které narazím v průběhu týdne. Dejte vědět, jestli vám taková aktivita dává smysl.

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