Table Mountain was covered with clouds all day long. We were not able to climb it, but views were gorgeous.

hmmm, tak jsem dodělal upgrade na mk3s. všechno funguje až na problematické zavádění filamentu. pokud na něm neudělám 45deg špičku tak se vždy zasekne na hraně ptfe trubičky. jakoby Bondtech kladka byla moc vystrčena do osy. ;(

Look what I have found when cleaning up some old stuff of mine. It contains pearls like Debian 1.3.1.

@fuxoft I am on . notifications work decently, but not instantly. I assume that this is not easy problem to solve for oss app project as you need to integrate push and also from variety of servers (as you have federated universe). This you need to go beyond polling g from the app.

@profispojka @TallTim I would say the key issue here is the business plan itself. e.g. how to sustain CDN costs (e.g. we have built own at , it is actually pretty easy these days, but you are bleeding money for drives and connectivity). for example can you launch fully subscription based model from the beginning? how to bootstrap it?

@bobek OK, so Mastodon is the one who is not going to show comments from others.

But both friendica will happily sync all the messages.

@bobek Initial post has been received on Mastodont as I follow this account as well.

konečně budou mít letos perníčky pořádné tvary...

Super cool mapping/simulation of the shadows in the city center with high-rise buildings. TLDR - it is awful.


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