I had this idea, that I will make COUPLE bridge pillars for their wooden railroad as a Christmas present. I guess I went a bit overboard....

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Today @openebs Mayastor is the only CAS able to fully leverage this sort of 🤯 hardware. Learn from @richardelling - he *knows* storage hardware/software & explains the increasing localization of storage. More @MayaData news coming at richardelling.substack.com/p/t

Converting SMD module to THT (like a proper through hole...). Also catered for the needed power rating in the process. :)

Wharton inspired Mini Clocks by SDG Electronics arrived in the mail from @JLCPCB. I just love esthetics of these clock. Just soldered ESP32 and off we go. I had to tweak the sw a bit, you can find it at github.com/bobek/sdg_wharton_m

Tak to vypada, ze implementace GAEN uplne nezvladaji timing zmeny BDADD vs RPI a leakuje mapovani stare BDADD nad nove RPI. lasec.epfl.ch/people/vaudenay/ (dole, Little Thumb attack). Mno kdyby to bylo OSS, tak by si toho treba nekdo vsim driv. FYI @michalillich @PetrSimecek

Skvele udelane video o tom, jak funguji (technicky/bilogicky/chemicky) testy -- PCR vs LAMP. Automatizace testovani. youtube.com/watch?v=s_usIkrVQw
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Oho, is thinking about switching to register-based method calling. github.com/golang/go/issues/40

Which is cool, I've spend non trivial time with over the weekend to decode parameters on method calls. Fortunately there is great github.com/iovisor/bcc/pull/17

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BREAKING: Great news.

SalivaDirect received approval this morning from the @US_FDA.

This could be one the first major game changers in fighting the pandemic. Rarely am I this enthusiastic. Here’s why.

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Hard to tell if I recorded this 30 years or 10 minutes ago...

One day build -- scanner using and sending data over bluetooth serial to mobile phone.

Very nice writeup from @kinvolkio@twitter.com about use of compiler collection () to troubleshoot low-level performance issue (this time incorrect handling of network mask in ).


Today's DC2DC converters - 12V/18A and 5V/30A. Now it's time for 48V solar installation ;)

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